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Asset Control and Tracking

Asset Control and Tracking (ACT) is a product that allows small boats positive control from a mother-ship and/or shore base station thereby permitting a complete Command and Control of all remote assets such as rigid hull inflatable boats, interceptor craft, helicopters, etc.

Command and control is provided remotely over a data link. It integrates into ECPINS® - W. Its data link can be extended for Over the Horizon operations through use of alternate communications modes (HF, SatCom.).



It provides features for exchange of information between vessels. It caters for exchange of information like contacts, routes, Maritime Information Objects and Messages (including pre-formatted messages in any language). It also provides for Blue Force operation with common encryption keys.

In addition to catering for a provision of command and control from a “mother ship” to remote assets, the product can also be used by shore command centres to control deployed assets. This product is used extensively in many navies on 9 metre RHIBs and other small crafts for extending the primary navigation capabilities to the sea boat.


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