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ECPINS provides the capabilities of Navigation and Situational Awareness. This product has been developed in close collaboration with the UK Royal Navy, Canadian Navy and Royal Australian Navy. OSI is a market leader for WECDIS and its continuous, ongoing development since mid 1970's has ensured a product that has been developed and optimized for the military naval market. The product has fleet wide fit in the UK Royal Navy, Canadian, Royal Australian Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy.

The ECPINS has features like multi-fuel data engine, tested and certified by the official data producers. It has been designed for the retrofit market and is able to integrate sensors from many different manufacturers. It is also capable of interfaces to non-standard data sentences.


Its display incorporates ergonomic design for the provision of nautical data in a bridge environment. Submarine W-ECDIS which is based on the world-leading surface W-ECDIS, provides complete support for dived navigation and interfaces to submarine tactical sensors.

W-ECDIS / ECDIS Warship Electronic Chart Display Information System (W-ECDIS) is a core competency of OSI. OSI has 100% ownership of its W-ECDIS chart engine which is in its fourth generation of development. OSI W-ECDIS is a world leader in speed and accuracy and is IMO SOLAS and STANAG 4564 compliant. It is also UK MOD Def Stan 00-56 Type Approved as an ECDIS since 2003

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