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Overview of Services

The services offered by dB Systems Inc. fall into two large areas viz. Outsourced Repairs & Reverse Engineering and Embedded Software Development.

The Outsourced Repairs and Reverse Engineering vertical aims to deploy the collective expertise of the group companies to resolve repair bottlenecks faced by customer and support obsolescence management through reverse engineering. The repair bottle necks faced by the customer can vary from non-availability of parts to lack on OEM support. We also assist customers to take decisions related to 'repair–or – replace' by providing holistic inputs on availability of components worldwide (obsolescence pattern), availability of equivalent components, form-fit-function replacement designs, costing of decisions and development of replacements.

The Embedded Software Development vertical focuses on design and development of embedded software. With the proliferation of software based systems in the defense, a focused and vertically specialized group to cater for needs of these systems has been felt. This group addresses this precise need. Activities like developing embedded software to replace legacy code, assist in understanding / refining / modifying deployed code, developing new software based systems to enhance the operational effectiveness of deployed forces etc. is taken up by the company.

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