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Warship AIS

Warship AIS (W-AIS) provides an intelligence and situational awareness capability that can either be a stand-alone capability or can be integrated within an Bridge Integrated System (BIS) or an Integrated Navigation and Tactical System (INTS). It provides capabilities of intelligence gathering, vetting, distribution, information spoofing and anti-spoofing.

The product integrates into ECPINS or can provide stand-alone capability. It has three operational modes viz. Overt, Covert or Silent and provides features like normal transmit and receive, encrypted transmission, Blue Force Tracking, receive only etc. It also has a secure system with 128 encryption.



Its capabilities like Rapid Maritime Picture Assessment, Data Base Comparison and Interrogation (achieved through side by side comparison of broadcast information and official data), “Vessel of Interest” ID and alerting based on creation of a “contact list” from vessel names or MMSI numbers, Use of common CMS symbology to enhance Command Situational Awareness, “Link-type” data exchange over existing fitted radio/communications make it a force multiplier in tactical operations.


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